Gregory Mantell has been called one of America's best interviewers!

Greg Mantell is a TV producer, reporter, and anchor, and host of the popular internet talk show, "The Gregory Mantell Show," featuring celebrities and experts on a wide range of subjects. The show has been seen by millions online and has appeared on cable TV in NYC and LA. With more than 330 episodes under his belt, Greg regularly receives rave reviews for his relaxed, insightful interviews from industry professionals and viewers alike.

"Great fun being on your show! You've got such terrific energy and your questions were spot on."
- Ben Sherwood, President, ABC News

"I'm greatly impressed! Greg really does his homework, and he has fun with his guests. Going places! This man is going places!" Watch! (QuickTime) Watch! (Windows Media)
- Kelly Lange, former anchor, NBC News

"Not only a great host but a brilliant producer. Excellent. "
- Jacquie Jordan, former Co-Executive Producer, "Sunday Morning Shoot Out"

"Wow! This show was awesome. (You) made it happen with your expert and subtle guidance as the guests reacted to you and each other. That was brilliant. The way you put these people together. I was laughing mao because you made these guest mingle and laugh with each other, too about one of the most important topics in the universe. Why don't the other shows do this kind of thing? You are way ahead of the pack. Media is boring. You are not, and your shows are not. "
- Carol Eisner, publicist whose clients have been on all the national talk shows

"What makes Gregory Mantell so distinctive is his ability to connect with his guest. He doesn't just interview, he converses. He can talk to anybody about anything and it amazes me how he asks the questions a viewer is thinking at the moment they are thinking it. He is one of the very best interviewers I have ever seen."
- Jodi F. Gottlieb, network promotions Writer/Producer

"A great interviewer!"
- Fern Field, co-Executive Producer, "Monk," USA Network

"(T)hey say hallmark of a great interview is the one that turns into quality conversations. I liked conversationalists like Larry King and Gregory Mantell for bringing the best out of their interviewees. During such intense conversations, what matters more is the `point' itself which could be refreshingly different and unique, than how courteous the exchange has been."
- Ben Casnocha, Silicon Valley software entrepreneur and writer

"Our office is still raving about how natural and poignant Greg's interview was with Julie. Whenever I mention his name, they say, 'Oh Gregory Mantell--THAT was a great interview!'."
- Chanel Graham, assistant to Julie Morgenstern, a time management expert who has been on the all the national talk shows

"I was contacted yesterday by VH1 for a show they are doing on celebrity apologies. I wanted to thank you for having me on your show and thus giving me the exposure that surely caught VH1's eye but I also just wanted you to know that they are talking about the same issues you first brought up months ago. The Gregory Mantell Show is, again, ahead of the curve! Congrats on calling out that trend before the big boys."
- LeeAundra Temescu, media commentator

"Greg's show is great and everyone should know about it." Watch! (Google)
- Michael Wallach, entertainment attorney and author, "How to Get Arrested"

"A great, great show!" Watch! (Youtube)
- Rania Awwad, Fox 6 Morning Show, San Diego


[12.11.2008] Greg Covers Creative Coalition Inaugural Ball

Greg will be covering the red carpet at the Creative Coalition's celebrity-filled inaugural ball in DC on Jan. 20th. He'll also be interviewing the co-presidents of the Creative Coalition. Stay tuned for this historic occasion!

[11.14.2008] Greg Takes the Show on the Road and Visits San Diego 6

Greg taped an interview at Channel 6 (The CW) in San Diego with Richard Doutre Jones, VP / GM of XETV, about bias in the media. Interview now on YouTube.

[9.5.2008] Greg on Fox 5 Morning Show, San Diego

Greg was interviewed on the Fox 5 Morning Show in San Diego about the Sarah Palin / Wikipedia Controversy, discussing how easy it is to change Wikipedia entries.

[5.29.2008] Greg Speaker / Panelist at BookExpo America 2008

Greg was invited to speak and join the panel at BEA on "Media Matters: Learn What So Cal's Top TV Producers Want," telling authors what talk show producers are looking for in guests. (To arrange Greg as a speaker for your event, email

[05.10.2008] Greg Speaker / Panelist at National Speakers Association May Event.

Greg was invited to speak and join a panel at the National Speakers Association's Media Event about the success of his talk show on the internet and what talk show producers look for in guests. Event was held at CBS Television City, on the set of "Price is Right," on May 10th. (To arrange Greg as a speaker for your event, email

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[09.15.2006] Check out photos of Greg at the "Love is a Drug" Screening with Darryl Hannah. Photos!


Watch the interviews with Anne Hathaway and other celebs on the red carpet at the Creative Coalition Inaugural Ball in DC and other recent episodes of Greg's show on Youtube and Google Video.

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